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5 Reasons to Consider a New 401(k) Provider

All 401(k) services are not created equal. Are you getting the best 401(k) service? Cost savings and better investment options for your business are just two reasons to switch. Read this guide to see the top five reasons to consider finding a new service provider, and discover the many benefits of making a switch.

401k Basics

2020 Contribution Limits for Retirement Plans

The IRS determines how much individuals can contribute to various retirement and pension accounts. These limits are reviewed annually and updated to reflect any cost-of-living increases. Here is a quick reference for the maximum amount that can be saved into each type of account for 2020.

401k Basics
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401(k) Adviser Report Card

Do you have the right 401(k) provider for your small business 401(k)? Get the best retirement advice for your business: Use our Adviser Report Card tool to find out what key questions to ask your adviser, then grade and compare advisers based on seven critical services.

401k Best Practices
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Maximize Your Retirement Savings with a Flexible 401(k) Profit Sharing Plan

Small Business Owners: Maximize Your Retirement Savings Using a 401(k) Profit Sharing Plan

If you’re a business owner looking to maximize your retirement savings, a 401(k) alone may not be enough to create the nest egg you want. However, there are additional features that can be added to your company 401(k) that can increase your 401(k) contribution limits—and make it easier to reward your employees.

401k Basics
Whitepapers & Reports

3 Steps to Selecting Your Company's 401(k) Adviser

Your 401(k) adviser should be your most important retirement plan partner—they’re part of the engine that runs and maintains your plan. Here’s how to find a 401(k) adviser you can trust long-term to help you and your employees achieve your retirement goals.

401k Best Practices

Form 5500 Filing Instructions

Find out when and how to file the Form 5500 for your small business 401(k) with these Form 5500 instructions. While some service providers will prepare, sign, and even file this annual reporting document on your behalf, you can follow this simple walkthrough to electronically file on your own.

401k Best Practices

401(k) Plan Comparison - Three Key Areas

Understanding how your 401(k) retirement plan compares with other companies’ 401(k) plans gives you better insight into what’s working and not working in your plan. In this overview, take a look at three key areas in 401(k) plan and adviser benchmarking — from service providers, to administrative and fund fees and employee engagement.

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