401k Best Practices

401(k) Responsibilities – Making Sure Your Employees Come First

The "R" for Responsibilities essay focuses on your responsibility in making decisions on behalf of plan participants and their beneficiaries (current and past employees, and their families). To that end, it's critical that you seek out any potential conflicts of interest in your plan and work to remove them. Nathan Fisher developed a mnemonic device called R.E.T.I.R.E. ® an employer’s go-to resource for 401(k) management.

401k Best Practices

401(k) Resources – Finding the Right Tools for 401(k) Success

The "R" for Resources essay focuses on resources that can help you, as the 401(k) plan manager, more effectively manage your plan and provide access to resources that will help your employees get and stay on track towards retirement. The resources and support a 401(k) service provider has to offer both you and your employees can mean the difference between success and falling short of their 401(k) goals. This essay offers a list of resources…

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